The LDES Council provides fact-based guidance to governments and grid operators and major electricity users on the deployment of long-duration energy storage.The LDES Council provides fact-based guidance to governments and grid operators and major electricity users on the deployment of long-duration energy storage. An Executive-led organization, the LDES spans a wide range of energy storage technologies and includes technology innovators, energy users and investors.


The LDES Council Mission

The LDES Council’s mission is to replace the use of fossil fuels to meet peak demand with zero-carbon long duration energy storage. This will cut global emissions with ensuring flexibility in electricity supply, affordability to operators and reliability for users. The Council’s industry experts provide fact-based guidance to Governments and grid operators in the deployment of long duration energy storage to help achieve NetZero for electric grids by 2040. The Council will also provide education and advocacy services for the sector to help advance the adoption of LDES and accelerate carbon neutrality. The Council covers a wide range of LDES technologies and its members span a wide spectrum of innovation, including mechanical, thermal, electrochemical and chemical solutions.

Governance of the LDES Council

All members of the LDES Council have voting rights. Members elect a Board of Directors consisting of five members, including the Chair who acts in a non-executive role. The Board of Directors is then in charge of setting the long-term vision for the Council, as well as research priorities and areas of focus. Two Presidents play the executive role on behalf of the Council, with well-defined non-overlapping responsibilities, defined by the Board of Directors. Each year only one of the Presidents is replaced to ensure continuity, with one anchor member and one technology provider in place at all times. As part of the Council all members have the possibility to join Working groups (e.g., on regulatory/market mechanisms, investment, recruitment) and to be an active participant in advancing the mission of the Council.


Julia Souder

Executive Director

Julia is a strategic executive with over 20 years of expertise in the energy and environmental sectors as a coalition builder and advocate. She has been a longtime champion of clean energy technology, working extensively to support environmentally friendly technologies and equitable policies.

Julia leads the Council’s strategy and vision to enable the advancement of long duration energy storage to the center stage of the energy transition worldwide. Most recently, Julia served as the Executive Director of the Long Duration Energy Storage Association of California (LDESAC). While there, she led the education and outreach of emerging and existing long duration energy storage developers, focusing on its importance to grid reliability and meeting climate goals.

Julia launched JAS Energies in 2019 to bring inclusive, diverse, and equitable transitions and policies into fruition. She provided a deep understanding of challenges facing the US electricity sector in reducing carbon emissions, building renewable energy projects, creating markets, and implementing a clean energy vision. Previously, Julia was a Director at the The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), focused on market and energy policy creation and implementation, creating coalitions and interpreted real-time grid operations and transmission planning.

Julia’s prior roles include senior positions at Clean Line Energy Partners, North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Julia holds two BAs from Oregon State University in Political Science and International Relations, and an MPA in Policy Implementation from The University of Southern California. She currently lives in San Francisco with her two children.


Larissa Fair

Director of Communications, North America

Larissa is a seasoned communications and marketing strategist with nearly 20 years of experience in corporate communications and public relations. She has worked with technology companies, NGOs, and consulting agencies to launch integrated marketing campaigns and programs. She is a respected leader with a robust range of marketing expertise, diverse industry experience, and proven success in startup and rapid growth environments

At the LDES Council, Larissa is focused on communications and outreach strategies to support The Council’s overall message and mission. Prior to joining the Council, Larissa led marketing efforts at the U.S. Energy Storage Association (ESA) and held senior positions at Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) and a number of technology companies. In those roles, she was responsible for leading public relations, social media, events, and corporate branding and messaging efforts. Throughout her career, she has generated awareness and messaging for company brands and established activities to engage varied stakeholder groups into action. Larissa began her career working for government IT consulting and public relations firms.

Larissa earned her degree from Radford University in Communications and Public Relations with a minor in Political Science. She served as President of the Washington, D.C. chapter of Social Media Club (SMC-DC) from 2007-2011 where she led a team of over 20 volunteers to educate businesses, nonprofits, and government leaders in best practices for social media. She currently lives in Maryland with her husband and two children.


How to Join

The Council is open to LDES technology providers, equipment providers, renewable energy companies, utilities, grid operators, investors, and end-customers.