The council is an executive-led organization and requires participation from C-level executives. Once a member, other staff members at the VP, Director, etc. levels have the opportunity to join working groups and committees, etc. as well as gain access to the Member Portal.

Technology Providers

Innovators developing and commercializing Long Duration Energy Storage systems.

Anchor Members

Industry-leading companies or organization with a strong interest in the energy transition and Long Duration Energy Storage either as an end-user or a capital provider.

How to join The LDES Council

The Council brings together leading LDES technology providers, equipment providers, renewable energy companies, utilities, grid operators, investors, and end-customers with a common mission of accelerating the deployment of LDES solutions in support of a net-zero carbon power system. The unique alliance LDES Council has been formed to support Governments, grid operators and major electricity users in the most cost-effective adoption of energy storage to replace the use of fossil fuels.

The LDES Council has two categories of membership:

  • Technology providers who are leading the innovation in Long Duration Energy Storage and are drawn from across electrochemical, chemical, mechanical and thermal approaches to energy storage.

  • Anchor Members that include capital providers, equipment providers, low-carbon energy system integrators and developers, and equipment manufacturers.

The council is a CEO-led organization and requires participation from the CEOs of Technology Members and participation by C-level executives from Anchor Members.

Criteria for membership:

To apply for membership, companies need to meet the following criteria:

  • The Council’s mission of driving progress toward net-zero power system carbon emissions aligns with the company’s own mission
  • Technology providers have developed a solution that can store or enables the storage of energy – whether chemical, electrochemical, mechanical, or thermal
  • Anchor members should have a significant vested interest on the demand-side for a solution that enables the storage of energy
  • Participation in Council activities by senior executives across both technology providers and anchor members
  • The ability to support the annual membership fees

Rights of membership:

The council membership gives access to the member’s community, it allows to share in the knowledge creation and it enables to define the Council’s strategy. Specifically, the rights of members are the following:

  • Members can lead Council activities and have voting rights on which activities the Council should pursue
  • Members are invited to all internal Council sessions
  • Council members can help shape the Council’s strategy
  • Members have the right to participate in internal research, knowledge and communications working groups
  • All members have access to the knowledge documents that are internally shared and created

Frequently Asked Questions

To enquire or get more information about the membership, please fill out the membership form below. Please state the name of your organisation, the membership category of interest, and a brief description of the company.
After expression of interest, we will reach out to you for an introductory meeting in which we get to know you and help you learn more about the Council. After confirmed interest, we will share any required documents to formally join the Council. Upon receipt of duly completed forms, the application process is complete.
For both member categories, there is a commitment to have a LDES responsible management team member available for recurrent meetings as well as a participation requirement in the Council working groups and initiatives.
To learn more about the Council, please reach out to

Membership Application Process

To enquire or get more information about LDES Council membership, please fill out a membership form

Membership Inquiry

Membership Inquiry

To enquire or get more information about the membership, please fill out the membership form. Please state the name of your organisation, the membership category of interest, and a brief description of the company.

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