Geomechanical Pumped Storage

Quidnet Energy uses modern drilling and subsurface engineering techniques to develop wells for large-scale subsurface pumped hydro energy storage. Unlike traditional pumped hydro storage, Quidnet’s innovative Geomechanical Pumped Storage is deployable in non-mountainous terrain, enabling operation in a broad range of geographies previously considered unsuitable for pumped hydro systems.

Quidnet’s technology pumps water down a well to store it under high pressure between layers of impermeable rock. When it is time to discharge electricity back onto the grid, the high-pressure water is released back up the well and through a turbine to generate electricity. This closed-loop system is modular and flexible, allowing for precise deployment of power to the grid.

Quidnet anticipates achieving lower per-kW installed costs than lithium-ion batteries and gas power plants. By turning rock formations into energy storage systems, Quidnet’s technology avoids the substantial capital associated with construction on the sides and tops of mountains required to build traditional pumped hydro facilities. The entire system is built with mature components from well-established industries, which eliminates the need for new supply chains and is expected to enable rapid implementation and scaling to meet the substantial global energy storage need.