NaSICON Technology

Enlighten Innovation’s breakthrough long duration energy storage (LDES) technology offers the key to unlocking a global solution to accelerate the elimination of carbon-based backup power.

LDES technology provides a low cost, scalable, sustainable, and safe solution using NaSICON, a patented sodium ion-selective ceramic membrane technology, made from locally sourced materials which are easily disassembled, recycled and reused. 

During the charging cycle, electricity from renewable sources a transfers readily available sodium ions across the NaSICON separator, converting sodium ions into liquid sodium, where the energy is stored. During the discharge cycle, liquid sodium is simply converted back to electricity. 

nasicon flow battery

Enlighten's advantage over its competitors it’s strong wholly owned IP, operational knowhow, and proven business experience in established operations. 

This North American led business has demonstrated its innovative technology, operational capability. The scalability of this flow battery will be further enhanced from manufacturing at Gigafactory scale. 

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