Utility-Scale Energy Storage

Energy Dome has brought forward a proprietary solution for Long Duration Utility-Scale Energy Storage that fights Climate Change by using CO2 to store green electricity, the CO2 Battery.

The unique and innovative solution, that Energy Dome has designed and patented, stores energy in the form of liquid CO2 in pressurized vessels, is based on off-the-shelf equipment readily available from the global supply chain.

CO2 is the perfect fluid to store energy cost-effectively as it is one of the few gasses that can be condensed and stored as a liquid under pressure at an ambient temperature, allowing for high-density energy storage without the need to go at extreme cryogenic temperatures.

The CO2 Battery stores energy by manipulating CO2 under different state conditions.

This innovative solution stores electric power by compressing and liquifying CO2, storing its sensible heat into Thermal Energy Storage, and holding liquid CO2 until the power is needed, at which point CO2 is expanded back into its gaseous form through a turbo-expander, which drives a generator.