Driving to Net Zero Industry Through Long Duration Energy Storage

LDES technologies paired with renewables are a viable, cost-efficient and readily applicable option for industrial decarbonization, as observers consider these technologies “An embarrassingly simple solution for industrial emissions.”

Moreover, long duration energy storage technologies are already being piloted by blue chip industrial firms, as they are impatient to decarbonize now and LDES gives them this opportunity.

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Long Duration Energy Storage is the technology that enables renewable energy to power our grids and accelerate carbon neutrality. Through long duration energy storage we can transition towards renewable energy in an affordable, reliable and sustainable way. Wind, solar and other renewables are becoming the lowest cost forms of generation but need storage to match supply with demand. Consumer demand means that peaks in the morning and evening need to be met by extra supply. Today we meet the imbalance in supply and demand by still burning fossil fuels. Now is the time to use flexible long duration energy storage to achieve net carbon neutrality. The world’s electricity grids will need to deploy 8 TW of long duration energy storage by 2040 with a market potential of USD 4 trillion.

The need to ensure an affordable, reliable, clean energy system has been exacerbated by recent challenges in the energy sector, which have increased the prominence of energy security on global agendas. Incorporating LDES can help increase the security of supply and create new use cases for renewable energy. LDES can also unlock new opportunities that are not thoroughly addressed by shorter-duration storage solutions. Examples include: helping increase the share of renewables in the energy mix, providing resilience to unreliable grids at long durations (like at isolated or off-grid locations), enabling cost-efficient 24/7 renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs), or providing stability services to the grid.

LDES Council Overview

The Long Duration Energy Storage Council is a global nonprofit advancing decarbonization by facilitating the accelerated deployment of long-duration energy storage. The executive-led organization convenes members, publishes research, and serves as an advocate to advance the goals and objectives of the energy companies, equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, and technology innovators it represents.

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LDES Council Members

The LDES Council is made up of organizations that strive to accelerate decarbonization of the energy system at lowest cost to society by driving innovation, commercialisation and deployment of long duration energy storage. Members include:

Technology Providers

Innovators developing and commercializing Long Duration Energy Storage systems.

Service Providers

Law firms, EPCs, and other industry-leading organizations supporting the energy transition.

Anchor Members

Industry-leading companies or organization with a strong interest in the energy transition and Long Duration Energy Storage either as an end-user or a capital provider.

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