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The LDES Council provides encouragement for the adoption of long duration energy storage and guidance on the implementation of the technology. Representing a wide spectrum of different technologies and approaches to energy storage, the Council provides analysis and background information along with facts on current deployment of long duration energy storage and forecasts for its future adoption The LDES Council report on long duration energy storage provides an authoritative analysis on the requirement for, state of and expected future trends.
April 18, 2022

The Renewable Energy Revolution will need Renewable Storage

The German word Dunkelflaute means “dark doldrums.” It chills the hearts of renewable-energy engineers, who use it to refer to the lulls when solar panels and wind turbines are thwarted by clouds, night, or still air. On a bright, cloudless day, a solar farm can generate prodigious amounts of electricity; when it’s gusty, wind turbines whoosh neighborhoods to life. But at night solar cells do little, and in calm air turbines sit useless. These renewable energy sources stop renewing until the weather, or the planet, turns.