LDES Council Statement on DOE Announcements During CERAWeek

"Government leaders around the world are recognizing the critical need for long duration energy storage (LDES) to fill critical gaps in our electric grid infrastructure and achieve decarbonization goals," said Long Duration Energy Storage Council Executive Director Julia Souder. "With today's U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announcement around the Pathways to Commercial Liftoff program, and the U.S. DOE Office of Clean Energy Demonstration's announcement of a $6 billion investment for industrial decarbonization, we are confident the government support and investment is in place to move forward in the right direction to support the commercialization of LDES around the world.

Also, with the new partnership MOU agreement between the U.S. DOE, EEI, EPRI, and the LDES Council, we are bringing together key stakeholders to push the energy transition and accelerate LDES in the U.S. while opening opportunities for additional partnership. As U.S. DOE Secretary Jennifer Granholm stated today during her keynote at CERAWeek,  'progress anywhere is progress everywhere', and the LDES Council values the U.S. voice as one of the countries leading the way for a clear path scaling up to 8TW of LDES globally by 2040."