LDES Council Statement on European Commission Policy Updates

"We look forward to working with the European Commission, our members, and partners, to elevate long duration energy storage (LDES) into the upcoming policies that the European Commission is unveiling. From electricity market design reform this week to the next iterations of the Green Deal Industrial Plan, Net-Zero Industry Act, and EU Critical Raw Materials Act - we know that LDES has a critical role to play.

We recommend a number of important actions, that together, can address the current EU energy crisis and ongoing energy security issues. 

EU policies must incentivize a diverse range of LDES technologies that address all intra-day, multi-day, and seasonal storage needs. Existing policies and rules should be amended to promote revenue support mechanisms that ensure rapid LDES deployment in the EU. As renewables grow in generation capacity, we recommend the creation of 24/7 Clean Power Purchase Agreements to balance power supply and demand. We believe policies should allow for storage as a transmission which would provide an important tool for congestion management. We also recommend rule changes that would help remove critical bottlenecks by accelerating grid connection permitting while lowering connection fees.”