Lolland to become a hub for hot rock energy storage Odense

The energy and fibre-optic group Andel has decided to place a new energy storage facility at Rødby, an ideal location when it comes to removing the barriers to the green transition. 

Rødby can look forward to becoming the home of a new energy storage facility, which has the potential to remove one of the most difficult obstacles to a future 100% green electricity supply. The facility will be able to store electricity from renewables at times when the wind blows and the sun shines, for later use. The new storage system, called GridScale, stores energy in large tanks filled with crushed stone. The storage system is developed by Stiesdal Storage Technologies, part of the Stiesdal Group.

”As a society, we are facing an absolutely crucial and comprehensive task in reducing climate change. Seen in the light of the most recent IPCC climate report, the task has not diminished. At Andel, we want to be part of the solution and lead the way by investing in the green transition, for instance through the extension of the charging infrastructure as well as using our knowledge to develop new green technologies. Therefore, I am also very happy that we have now found the perfect geographical location and can speed up the construction of our hot rock energy storage so that we get one step closer to storing power from renewable energy sources”, CEO at Andel, Jesper Hjulmand says. 

Over the past months, Andel and Stiesdal Storage Technologies have evaluated different geographical candidates for the location of the first GridScale storage, and Rødby on the island of Lolland was chosen. At Lolland, the production of renewable energy is so large that sometimes the energy producing facilities must be temporarily shut off as consumption does not match production.

”For us, Rødby is a great location, both in relation to its neighbouring district heating plant, Rødby Varmeværk, as well as the regional supply situation where Lolland has a large surplus of renewable energy. It is precisely in such a context that our storage technology can make a difference and contribute to a far more extensive integration of power from sun and wind than what has been feasible up till now. The market for storing electricity from renewables is huge, and we expect that GridScale’s combination of a long discharge cycle and low cost will attract international interest,” CEO of Stiesdal Storage Technologies Peder Riis Nickelsen says.