Aqueous Liquid Battery Technology


The Eos Znyth® 2.3 aqueous liquid battery technology is the market’s only commercially-proven and commercially-available alternative to lithium ion for 3- to 12-hour duration applications. Our high-performance aqueous electrolyte, non-degradable bipolar electrodes, and fully-sealed polymer frames comprise a battery that is non-flammable, non-toxic and fully recyclable. Our batteries last at least 6,000 cycles—with total degradation leveling out at 70-80% of the rated capacity.

Tolerant to temperature extremes and abusive conditions, Znyth batteries operate safely across a wide voltage and temperature range (-20 to 50 degrees C). No risk of catastrophic failure. No complex HVAC systems—nor their parasitic energy consumption—required. No charge or discharge rate restrictions affecting lifespan or performance. No need for upsizing.

Shipped ready for deployment, our 125kW/500kWh-rated Eos Cube comes with all batteries and electrical equipment pre-integrated into a standard 10 x 20 foot ISO outdoor-rated shipping container. Simple venting in the Cube exterior provides airflow to dissipate waste heat, eliminating the need for ancillary HVAC or fire suppression systems. And since each individual Znyth battery is fully sealed, no flow pumps or external tanks are required. So no matter how big the installation—a single or multi-Cube project—balance-of-plant requirements are minimal.