The Malta Pumped Heat Energy Storage (PHES) System

Malta’s long-duration energy storage (LDES) solution enables an accelerated, people-centered energy transition. 

The Malta LDES plant stores electricity for days to weeks and converts variable renewables into reliable, on-demand power. It produces zero-emissions heat to decarbonize the hardest-to-tackle sectors of our economy: industrial, agricultural, buildings, and others. It is built using proven subsystems deployed around the world today, like heat exchangers, molten-salt and industrial-coolant storage, and turbomachinery.

The base Malta plant can discharge 100-MW of clean energy for 10-to-200+ hours. Designed for flexibility, its charge and discharge speeds can be independently tailored to meet an owner’s needs. Duration is easily and cost-effectively extended by adding more commodity storage media – the lowest cost components. 

The Malta plant will play a variety of roles in the energy transition. Aside from integrating vastly more variable renewable power into customers’ portfolios without the loss of resilient, reliable grids, it can repurpose fossil-fueled generation assets into long-duration energy storage, maximizing the investment of existing infrastructure, transitioning workforces, and preserving communities. It creates clean energy hubs to power and heat existing C&I businesses and districts and attract new business investment, and it optimizes and enhances the resiliency of existing transmission investments. 

Malta is the future of energy storage.